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Being in MedSchool

Undergrad life is very different from Medicine. I graduated without an Honor but I managed to put my name on the Dean’s list without putting so much effort (Not boasting :p). And being on the Dean’s list means free tuition for the whole semester and a movie treat for my classmates.

Well, I miss those times — when I don’t have to worry about anything except what dress should I wear, what movie should I watch, and how to survive my everyday life with the allowance that my parents would give me.

Now? Ugh. Never in my dreams did I imagine that my life in Medicine would be this hard. I thought that if you love something, you will never get tired. But no, you will get tired. It’s like pursuing a person you love so much, but decided not to love you back. The difference is, you will finish medschool with perseverance, at least, while you can’t have the person that you love if it’s not meant to be. :p

In addition, you will miss family gatherings, funerals, weddings, birthdays, etc. Well, that’s actually the saddest part of being in medschool. You won’t have enough time for all of that and no matter how depressing it is, you must move on. Ah, yeah, it’s not just that, you will also get depressed after finding out your test results. Then, you go home and realize that you’re alone and don’t have someone to talk to. You will be sad, yes, but you know you can’t be sad because you still have an upcoming exam. So, you’ll put that sadness in a corner, and the cycle goes on. You know you can’t keep that sadness in that corner forever and time will come that you need to let that sadness out. So you’ll cry and feel a little better the next day.

You’ll meet people, yes, but you’ll also have to watch some of them leave. *sigh* The journey may be tough, depressing, and tiring, but that’s the “joy” of being in medschool. Together, we’ll survive this battle and totally earn our scars! :D

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